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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Not So Bright huh? Dumb dancehall artistes part 1


Ishawna, she might have been what they call a pretty dunce in her class. In her recent single Need Love, she says "Mi a guh return him back inna di morning" you can say 'return him back'. That's like saying the car reversed back or pushing forward...get it? Its what we call a redundancy. Google it.

Elephant Man
Elephant Man said "push out yu right hand and push out yu left feet" how does one push out the right feet? We have been trying to figure that out since early 2000. 

Beenie Man

Beenie Man once greeted the Prime Minister and his guests by saying. "Good night Mr. Prime Minister and honorable guesses". Wait up? They didn't tell you in primary school that you can't say guesses? Its guests Beenie Man, geesh.  

Popcaan, we hate to do this, but he qualifies as a dumb artiste. Because all he does in his interviews is say. Tr8, fry yiy. Tr8 fry yiy to every question.

Tommy Lee Sparta
Tommy Lee...well just listen to the way he speaks. Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm. Yu zimi...mmm.

Bounty Killer
His interviews are informative, but articulated using his own unique type of English.

Pt 2 coming sooon.

Justus Arison Says Foota Hype a fucking Gyal CLown

Sizzla, Roach and Justus :From left
Dancehall producer Justus is currently at odds with DJ Foota Hype, following the DJ's decision not to play his rhythm High Life, because the rhythm has Ishawna's subliminal diss record called Restraining Order.

According to Justus, Foota Hype banned him and the rhythm from his event, and took jabs at him on instagram.

Justus who also replied to the jab on instagram, says Foota Hype is a gyal clown, who has no class, because he proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a dancehall setting.

Foota Hype denies carrying any form of malice for either Justus or Ishawna.
Justus is known for his work on the Overproof rhythm. He recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Mavado for Give It All To Me.

U.S Website releases Nude Pics of Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lawerence



Remember when a website was leaking nude pictures of popular Jamaicans sometime ago, including Denyque? Well a similar situation has occurred in America, actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande have so far been victims among others.

Jennifer Lawrence's reps have warned that anyone posting 'stolen' nude photos of the Oscar-winning actress will be prosecuted.

The explicit photos of JLaw were leaked online and spread on Twitter like wildfire on Sunday night.

Buzzfeed reports that photos of Lawrence, as well as other stars such as model Kate Upton, singer Ariana Grande and actress Victoria Justice, first appeared on 4chan.

The snaps allegedly surfaced due to an iCloud leak that allowed celebrities phones to be hacked.

Jennifer Lawrence and J-Law started trending on Twitter as soon as the photos leaked. We will not share the photos, but you can Google them.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Floyd Mayweather cant read, click to see video of Floyd Struggling to Read!!

You gotta step your game up champ! You got the funds so get a tutor.

Foota Hype says he is not Watching Ishawna's Pussy!

Foota Hype

Dancehall/reggae DJ Foota Hype has responded to allegations that he is spying on his ex-girlfriend Ishawna following the release of her song called Restraining Order which alleges that she is being stalked by an ex-lover.

The song did not state that Foota Hype was the stalker, however in a lengthy video he says Ishawna cannot diss him because he build her...which is quite true. Nobody gave a shit about Ishawna for years, only Foota Hype. But hey, here is the video.


We can see why the nigga still going crazy over that pussy even though he fucked her a million times.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jamaican rapper Bobby Shmurda has the hottest Rap song in America!


Jamaican rapper Bobby Shmurda has sparked a dance craze called the Shmoney Dance with his single Hot Ni**a. The rapper is based in New York and has received over 10 million views for the song and was recently signed by Epic Records.

Controversial cultural Hip Hop critic and media personality Charlamage recently commended the rapper for his overnight success. He also credited the rapper's ability to get people dancing to his Jamaican background. Charlamange also said Bobby Shmurda reminded him of iconic Jamaican rapper Heavy D.

"I like Bobby Shmurda, you know why? Because he is having fun. He is Jamaican, and he makes people dance in the club. I don't know when New Yorkers got too cool to dance. Heavy D used to dance. I was in London and the first song the DJ played was Bobby Shmurda, and the entire club was wilding," the usually tough critic said.

Hot Nia has several cover versions from several underground and commercially successful rappers, including Acehood, T.I., Juicy J, Corey Gunz, French Montana, and Lil Kim. Several stars including Beyonce´, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and K. Michelle have also posted videos of themselves doing the comedic Shmurda dance move. Elephant Man also released a song called Shmoney Dance in an attempt to improve the song's popularity in Jamaica.