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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fabian Marley says he is Not Jacket..i'm Bob's 1st son!!!!!


FABIAN Marley, the 44-year-old Jamaican who claims to be the eldest child of reggae legend Bob Marley, is moving ahead with his musical career.

This, despite a written request from the family of the late reggae king in August last year, that he "cease and desist" proporting to be a Marley and using the name, or prove through DNA testing that he is who he claims to be.

"Dem ask me for my DNA and me do that long time and give dem, and up to now, I can't hear nothing from dem. So me just a go through with my music career," Marley told the Jamaica Observer.
He, however, said he had received some word indicating he should redo the DNA test at a lab prescribed by the family.

"Me nuh in that with them. Me do my test at Carigen at UWI and give them the result. Don't it up to them, one of the other Marley children, to do their test to match with mine? Something not right, why they don't want to do it? What them 'fraid of?" Fabian Marley questioned.

Fabian Marley claims Bunny Wailer, more popularly known as Jah B, supports his claim. Wailer was a member of The Wailers, which comprised Marley and Peter Tosh.

"Jah B a man who me know fi years. That man send me to school and he has no doubt that I am Robert's son," said Marley.
While he waits on word, Fabian Marley said he is in not arguing with the family, noting that "nothing can be done before the time, and the right time is now".

He continues his move to get his musical career off the ground and is working on material for his first album, Nature's Valentine, for which a December release is projected.

"All the tracks are ready and we have finished mixing, right now a the mastering is being done in New York and then we are ready to hit the market," he said.

"We nuh feel threatened by the family. We do what they ask us to do and provide them with my DNA result. It up to them if they want to provide somebody, another Marley, to match with mine. So right now, I just putting out my tunes and going ahead and promoting my music. Them can't stop me," he said.

Black Ryno and Popcaan make peace!

Dancehall artistes Popcaan and Black Ryno have rekindled their friendship following a public feud, which started in 2010 after Black Ryno announced that he was leaving Vybz Kartel's Gaza camp.

Black Ryno had released a song called Mi Lef, produced by Supa Blunt, in which he explained his experience in the camp and the reason for his exit. However, Popcaan, who was still a member of the Gaza camp at the time, decided to also release songs such as Dem Sell Wi Out ...

"Everything between me and Popcaan always been good, a just the people never see me and the artiste. But everything good else I wouldn't have turned out at his album launch recently and performed," Black Ryno said.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Did Ebola Victim Vomit in Hotel at Montego Bay? Government lies continue PROOF

Ebola scare in Jamaica

The Ministry of Health is insisting that the American man who arrived in Jamaica yesterday, days after leaving the Ebola-stricken Liberia, posed no threat to the public.

Acting Chief Medical Officer in the health ministry, Dr Marion Bullock-DuCasse, told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre this afternoon that the man arrived in Jamaica with his wife five days after he returned to America from Liberia.

But can the Jamaican people trust the same Ministry of health who has lied continuously over the last few weeks. 

1) During the climax of Chick V the Ministry of health said there were only 30 cases when persons were contracting the virus in all 14 parishes.

2) The ministry said they had set aside quratine areas for the Ebola virus and that they were prepared. The doctors at UC Hospital refuted the ministry stating that they were far from prepared and did not eve have suits to wear, citing that there were plans to borrow the yellow  suits which belongs to the fire men. Note: there are only 40 of those in Jamaica and must be shared and can only be used once with Ebola. 

The doctors even said they would not treat persons if they have Ebola because they are worried about their own lives.

3) The ministry says machines will arrive in the island next week to test for Ebola, and then the ministry of security said they machines are already in the island in a different interview the same day. This shows that the lies are clashing with each other. 

4)They say the man who came to the island was quarantined. How do you quarantine somebody with Ebola in an hotel and allow him room service living under the roof with regular persons? 

5) Persons said the man who came here from Liberia vomited in the Hotel (Not sure) But anything is possible with these bitchass politicians.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jamaican Guinea Hen Bush may Cure AIDS/HIV?

Guinea Hen weed

A research article focused on Jamaican medicinal plants and authored by Dr Henry Lowe and his Biotech
R&D team, has earned a spot in the respected peer-reviewed journal, the European Journal of Medicinal Plants.

The Journal is dedicated to publishing high quality papers in all areas of medicinal plants research, including plant growth and development, agronomic management, plant nutrition, plant physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, medicinal properties, and more.

Dr Lowe and his team recently discovered that proprietary extracts, from Guinea Hen Weed and Dibenzyl Trisulfide (a major chemical constituent), from the Jamaican variety of Guinea Hen Weed, have significantly inhibited the survival of the HIV virus.

“Even though these findings are still at the early stages of development, they show extremely promising potential, which could also impact the treatment of other viral diseases,’ Dr Lowe stated.

“This is especially important at this time, since several Caribbean Islands and other parts of the world, in particular countries in Africa, which are plagued by the HIV pandemic, but also life-threatening diseases, such as the re-emergence of viruses that cause Chikungunya and Ebola.”, he noted.

HIV is the cause of the Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which has claimed million of lives, and continue to do so, despite the discovery and development of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapies (HAART).

The full scientific publication is contained in the online version of the European Journal of Medicinal Plants Volume 5(1) under the title: Petiveria alliacea L (Guinea Hen Weed) and its major metabolite dibenzyl trisulfide demonstrate HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Video of Mr. Vegas babymother sextape released, see inside

Remember when Mr Vegas' babymother denied that she was fucking in-front of his daughter in his house? Well the video footage has been released. See below for yourself. 

God tek di pillow and give wi di case!!!! How Vegas nuh have heart failure?

Konshens badly Beaten by Producer


Following Konshen's beaten at a popular event after he invited a producer to his section to speak with him, the deejay says he will not retaliate.

… deejay says he does not want “any form of retaliation”
“I was not taken to hospital, I drove there myself”, adds deejay.

 The incident reportedly happened at Southdale Plaza, St Andrew sometime after midnight. Konshens was attacked by a music producer at ‘Mojito Mondays’. 

Reports are that the Duh Something deejay received a bloody bash to the head with a bottle. 

Spanner Banner says Obeah pushed him to Cut Locks

Spanner Banner and Wife Suzie Q

"I have been going through a lot, that sometimes I don't even tell my family. A few weeks ago, I was in a terrible car accident. If you saw the accident, you wouldn't believe I came out of that vehicle without a scratch. I have to give God thanks," the artiste said in a part of the video, which was then followed by crash photos of a vehicle the artiste appeared to have been in. 


The artiste further revealed that even obeah threats were being levelled against him, along with lies persons have told on him and business ventures that have been ruined over the years because of unscrupulous individuals. 


It is as a result of these events that he is turning to God.