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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ray J makes 50,000 because of Kim Bussing the pussy open in photo shoot

The Kim Kardashian-Ray J sex tape may be seven years old, but it's still raking in millions for Vivid Entertainment who are the distributors of the film, and it helps that Kim Kardashian is constantly in the limelight.

Her recent naked photo spread for Paper Magazine was really good for business. It spiked sales for the sex tape which ended up putting some extra cash in Ray J’s pockets.
Reports are that Ray will receive $50,000 in royalties for the week Kim's photo spread hit the internet. He usually makes $90,000 every three months for it.

Vivid's President, Steve Hirsch, told the media that Kim and Ray J's XXX romp is now the biggest selling celebrity sex tape of all time, passing Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson's.
Don’t know how to feel about this one…

Jamaican Beauty queen slaughtered Online for Dissing Jamaica

Rosina Casserly

Former Miss Jamaica World First Runner-Up Rosina Casserly endured much abuse on the Internet on Wednesday, after a video was released of the beauty telling foreign media house Physique TV that persons should visit Jamaica, where they can get the experience of being poor.

She also made fun of the country's economic problems and the chikungunya virus outbreak. "I am not singing Bob Marley, I am not doing it. Oh my gosh! In Jamaica they have chik-V, ever heard about that?" she laughed.

"It's like a disease where you get arthritis, and they made a song about it; terrible, but that's the only thing that's going on there right now. You get bitten by a mosquito - you like hobble for like three days. We also have no money, come to Jamaica, you can be poor! What else can happen if you go to Jamaica? Escaping from a robbery," she giggled.

several Jamaicans on social media found Casserly's comments very distasteful and took to Physique's personal Facebook page to express their digust. Casserly finished second to Yendi Phillipps in 2007.

Dem sey a dats why Yendi Beat Har.

Here are some of the comments.

Fiona Childofdivinepurpose Barnes WHAT????? When since did chick v and being poor become a joke. The real joke is how yuh pretty and dunce like bat!!!!!

 Jasmin J. Mitchell They say lack of education breed ignorance, but as you can
see from Rosina Casserly’s comments, we have a
lot of educated fools.

She is trying very hard to disassociate herself with Jamaica now that she is living and working in the very rich Middle Eastern country of Dubai. And this is the person that was almost positioned
to represent Jamaica? Thank God she didn’t
get that far. She is obviously a sell-out

 Belinda Peart nuh worry ppl; nuff a dem "pretty dunce" gal yah hafi a nyam out man btyhole fi keep up appearnces

Monday, November 10, 2014

Alliance hosts meeting to Beat ZJ Chrome for Bounty and Foota diss? Alkaline song

Zj Chrome

According to sources, members of the Alliance camp had a private meeting to discuss plans to beat ZJ Chrome.

 The source claims, Alliance members were quite upset with the Alkaline diss song produced by ZJ Chrome and want to teach him a lesson. The Alliance boss already made an attempt to contact ZJ Chrome on instagram, however the ZJ made the situation worse by going on record to classify the Alliance boss as childish.

One member of the Alliance who did not want to mention his name told DTO.

"Anywey wi see ZJ Chrome wi a fuck him up. True man stop beat selector yu a hype up yuself. Mek sure Alkaline deh bout fi watch yu back wen yu a play at events."

Efforts to get a comment from The Alliance boss proved futile. DTO is following the story.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ishawna disses Skatta's girl in song "me and yu man cyah stop f@#k"

According to the Yardflex snitch, Ishawna and Satara Elliot were close friends until the sinjay decided to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend Skatta Burrell.

After Satara found out about the Affair, an anonymous Instagram page was created and began to attack Ishawna accusing her of backstabbing Satara. We are not sure if the page was being operated by Satara or not. However Ishawna has since released a song sending subliminal disses at Satara.

"me and yu man cyah stop f@#k...of course am a side bitch cuz a pon the side him kotch it mek mi ride it," she sings. See song below as well as a pic of Satara.

Rvssian says Only Alkaline and Chrome diss Bounty and Foota Hype, doh mix him up

Gaza producer Rvssian is distancing himself from a new Alkaline song that disses Bounty Killer and Foota Hype, as he said he only made the rhythm.

The song, Anywhere We Go, surfaced on YouTube yesterday and in most labels it is being said that the song was produced by both ZJ Chrome and Rvssian.

Quite likely to cause some controversy, Alkaline deejays, "... No gal caan clown man, after mi a nuh Killa or bman Foota Hype."

While he is yet to get any negative backlash, Rvssain said he just wants to set the record straight.
"I really haven't looked into the feedback, I just wanted to put it out there that I am not involved," "I just built the rhythm for ZJ Chrome, but when it came out I got tagged in it."he said.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man ends feud with collaboration (Grammy artistes)

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man (Grammy legends)

Beenie and Bounty's new single 'Legendary' puts and end to 22 years of lyrical warfare

The release of Legendary sees the artistes officially ending a feud which surpassed two decades. Both deejays are regarded as legends in their own rights. Beenie Man received a Grammy Award for his Art and Life album in 2001, while Bounty Killer's collaboration with No Doubt, Hey Baby, also received a Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a duo or group. The effort was also certified platinum for selling over a million copies.

Kim Kardashian's mother dates Black boy 20 years younger!! WFF



Kris Jenner is going public with her new boyfriend Corey Gamble. The momager was spotted holding hands with the road manager in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 31, following their getaway to Mexico.